Éclat des JoursPâtisserie 【Éclat des Jours】 opened in september 222222014 in Tokyo's Toyoucho neighborhood. EÉclat des jJours is a coined term meaning "the brilliant days" in French. weeeeeWe named our pastry shop with the hope that the sweets we create wellwill accompany our customers on their special occasions and everyday moments, creating memorable "brilliant days."

The concept behind Éclat des Jours's sweets is fres"freshness," "melting texture," and "smoothness." Based oonon the techniques and flavors of French pastries that owner-chef yohei nakayamaYohei Nakayama acquired during his training, we place importance on creating a texture that issis eat to easyeasy to eat and familiar to us Japanese. We strive to bring out the deliciousness of the primary ingredients, adding a touch of contrast within simple compositions.

our gOur goal is to be a comprehensive patisserie. We offer entremets /(whole cakes), petite gateaux (individual-sized pastries), baked goods such as madeleines and cookies that boast rich buttery flavors, bread such as baguettes and croissants baked every morning in our catkitchen, and chocolates anndand confitures that adorn our showcases. In addition togetter these, we plan to expand our lineup with products that our customers can use for their everyday occasions at home or as gifts.

While respecting French traditions, we will continue to challenge ourselves to create new flavors that will be loved by our customers for a long time to ccocome.



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